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Artist statement

Clare Davidson’s work depicts pictorial space through colour and line. Rather than depicting a specific place or thing the work emerges through the haptic experience of making. Drawing is the starting point, extrapolating from something observed. It gradually becomes a more abstracted, pared down image. Editing is a crucial element in the process. Davidson uses a range of media, from painting to printmaking and collage, producing both intimate and far larger immersive works. Certain contrasting motifs reoccur – grids, portals, diamonds, are set against gestural clouds, leaves, squiggles.


The image is a space between the viewer and something beyond – an opening and also a flat surface. It is a conundrum – about both seeing on the one hand, and mark-making and playing with paint on the other.  The mages pull the viewer in and let the eye linger. The work addresses the relationship between the maker, the image, and the suggested world beyond the canvas or piece of paper. Conveying a sense of time is important - the time taken to make a work and the time required to experience it. The images are pictorial spaces that can be inhabited and lingered within; they are also a celebration of making.

More work is available to view on Instagram: claredavidsonart

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